Why Music Sense !?

Our purpose of creating this website was to share the top and latest (Albums-Songs-Video Clips & …. ) for Iranian usage, because their countries does not give them right to have EU/U.S credit card to buy and enjoy what they like. This website provide the music download service in matter of feeding their souls with the music's they like to have and hear all the time.

Contact Us Details

  • Telegram : @M_Sense_Admin
  • No Phone Call : +44 749 405 9944
  • Address : Underground , upon the Sky!Universal Boulevard UK,1ST 2013,
  • E-mail : musics @ live.ca | Music7Sense @ Gmail.com

Terms & Services

  • Use of musicsense.* & services are limited to IRANIAN's only.
  • Gathered visitors information will be protected and wont be shared.
  • MusicSense download center provide :
  • Highest Quality of Foreign Songs ,Music Albums,Music Videos .
  • Completely dedicated direct links.
  • Preview play of each album tracks.
  • SSL protection for shopping matters.